Kuruwitu Beach, Vipingo

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Kuruwitu beach houses and holiday homes

Kuruwitu Beach in Vipingo is about 7 mins off the main tarmac road. Quiet sandy beaches and pancake-flat sea make Kuruwitu an ideal family holiday destination and here you will find traditional colonial-style beach houses, all of which are first-row, beach front. Some of the homes on Kuruwitu are situated in indigenous coastal forest, which is home to numerous birds, monkeys and monitor lizards. The casual beach bungalows and double-story homes of Kuruwitu are all hidden away in lovely cool, shady gardens, which were established at least 30 years ago. Massive Baobab Trees, some of which are said to be over 800 years old, are common on the beaches and in the gardens here. Visitors to Kuruwitu are able to access the Kuruwitu Conservation Area which the fishermen have agreed to set aside for fish and corals to regenerate so they do not fish in this area. This is a community initiative and all profits from snorkelling here go back to the local fishermen. With it’s close proximity to the golf course at Vipingo Ridge this is an ideal place to stay if you are looking for a beach-based holiday. Visitors should try a lunch at the Beach Bar found on plot 22, during their stay at Kuruwitu Beach.

Vipingo Beach House, Kuruwitu Beach

Vipingo Beach House, Kuruwitu Beach: Beach-front property. 5 bedrooms, sleeps 11 guests, double story house, mature garden, swimming pool - ideal property for families with young children.

Vipingo Beach House is a large, 5- bed roomed double story family house on the beach-front with its own swimming pool. Set back from the beach on a slight rise the house is light, cool and airy which it makes it a great house to rent at Kuruwitu. There is a lovely verandah at the front of the house, from where you can watch the resident Vervet monkeys that live on the property go about their daily activities. Beach access is a stroll through the mature palm trees in the garden onto a lovely sandy beach in the Kuruwitu Marine Conservation area. Good snorkelling is available in the conservation area where you can admire the vibrant reef-fish, corals and marine life and even hire a dhow to go over the reef for sundowners and fishing excursions. A short walk down the beach will get you to the Beach Bar where you can enjoy delicious home cooked meals and drinks throughout the day.

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Shwari House, Kuruwitu Beach Vipingo

Shwari House, Kuruwitu Beach: Beach front property, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Sleeps 8 in Kuruwitu conservation area, private swimming pool and beach access.

Shwari House is a typical relaxed Kenyan Holiday Home. This cottage has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and is right on the sea-front. Shwari is on it's own plot and has a lovely well established garden full of trees and tropical plants. Off the shady patio is a lovely infinity swimming pool overlooking the beach and sea. An excellent cook caters for all tastes and meals are generally had outside on the patio by the pool. Situated in the heart of the Kuruwitu Marine Conservation Area, Shwari is an ideal location for those interested in snorkelling and long walks on deserted beaches. This is a very relaxed, easy-going house ideal for a casual family holiday at the coast.

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Neem Tree, Kuruwitu Beach

Neemtree holiday villa

Neem Tree House, Kuruwitu Beach: 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. infinity swimming pool and fabulous pool house , sea-front, beach access, mature gardens.

Situated on a cliff at the end of Kuruwitu Beach, Neem Tree is a very spacious three bedroomed house, which has recently been redecorated. Neem Tree now boasts a lovely new infinity swimming pool and pool house overlooking the sea. There is access from the garden directly onto the beach, which has excellent snorkeling as it is near the Kuruwitu Marine Conservancy. Here you can snorkel and admire the corals and fish that are living in the protected area. The garden has lovely mature Neem Trees throughout and therefore the house remains cool and enjoys a lovely view and gentle breezes. There is a roof terrace where one can enjoy sundowners in the evenings.

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Clamclara Cottage & Clamclara Beach House, Kuruwitu Beach

Clamclara Cottage: 3 bedrooms airconditioned, 3 bathrooms, huge swimming pool, large private plot. Clamkara Beach House: 4 doubles 3 bathrooms, sleeps 8. right on the beach. Both properties share: good beach access onto often deserted sandy beach. Wwimming pool. Tennis Court, Good Security,

Clamclara Beach House and Clamclara Cottage are two properties on the same large beach plot in Kuruwitu Beach, Vipingo. Over the years both houses have undergone much refurbishment and are now extremely comfortable and very stylish. Clamclara now boasts its own private tennis court and large swimming pool. Clamclara is an ideal holiday location for a large family or even two families wishing to holiday together but can get a certain amount of privacy in your own cottage. Families may then eat together, have fun at the swimming pool, have a game of tennis in the evening and enjoy the private beach and beach-bar as they wish. This property has excellent house staff and cooks so all you have to do is relax and have fun.

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